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Thank you for your visit on the European Lexicon on Spatial Planning website.
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This lexicon gives definitions of the main terms of European Spatial Planning. It includes notions and acronyms stemming from official texts (treaties, regulations, directives, reports, etc.) produced by diverse European bodies and institutions.

This lexicon is not exhaustive but presents an important selection of terms usually used by the European authorities. These terms also have some important operational consequences and territorial impacts.

Their nature is neither strictly scientific nor operational, that is why they need to be precisely defined in relation with their institutional background.

Some of these terms can change of meanings. That is why this site will be updated regularly. The previous versions of the definition will be kept in the archives of the site.

The lexicon addresses the practitioners and the professionals of Spatial Planning working at different scales.

The lexicon is organized under the shape of short texts with hypertext links, allowing the reader to go from a definition to another according to their request.

To facilitate the access to the term the user is looking for, the definitions are classified in alphabetical order and in six thematic fields. All terms are followed by links to other terms at the bottom of every page. The user can also have access to a list of selected references and sites in relation with the term defined.

Bernard Elissalde,     Frédéric Santamaria
  in collaboration with Aude Peyralbes

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